For more than a decade, LCD Smartie as open source software was dedicated to support third party hardware and display system diagnostic messages, news and other info to character based LCD screens. As the time passed by, computer technology evolved and lot of things have changed to the computer LCD hardware market. Parallel ports have almost disappeared from motherboards and USB connections became the best way to connect any device to a computer. USB based LCDs started to appear in the market and many manufacturers targeted the computer mods market.

LCD Smartie community in order to help users to get the best usb interface which is fully compatible with the software decided to release a hardware PCB which is one of the most advanced USB to LCD interface in the market! 

your beloved open source software now goes hardware
The LCD Smartie interface board is based on the latest technology. Most of the components are SMD technology and it fitted on double sided PCB with size 50mm x 35mm. It is designed in a way to fit behind any character LCD screen available on the market. No hardware configurations required while the board is completely jumper less and everything is already there to function.
  • USB connection
  • HID driver (auto detected, auto installed by Windows operating system)
  • LCD backlight software commands supported. Backlight level, backlight ON/OFF directly from LCD Smartie software (no need for hardware trimmer).
  • LCD screen software contrast commans supported.
  • Full custom character commands support.
  • Supports lot of character LCD screen sizes (1x8,1x16, 2x16, 2x20, 4x20, 4x40)
  • Standard header connection for two different types of connection 1x16 inline 2x10 dual inline.
  • Based on powerful microcontroller unit.
  • Upgradable.
  • Linux OS support (through LCD4linux software).
  • USB powered no need of external power supply source.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Low cost.
  • LCD Smartie official product.

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